Ministry for Gozo (MGoz)

Eco-Gozo is a Local Sustainable Development Strategy for the Island of Gozo, in Malta.

The objectives of this strategy are clearly outlined in the project’s mission statement which reads “Gozo will become an eco-island by 2020, supported by a keen and committed sustainable community. We want to see quality of life in Gozo improving further through education, economic development and social progress. Gozo will strive to reduce its carbon and water footprints. We want to protect the Gozitan lifestyle, the island’s environment, resources, culture and identity, and see that all these play a significant part in attracting more visitors and investors to the island.”

Eco-Gozo is a vision for the island to become ever more beautiful, inspiring, welcoming, thriving, inclusive and successful. A healthy and successful place to live in – in equilibrium with the island’s environment. This is essentially what eco-island will strive to achieve. The Eco-Gozo project is led by the Ministry for Gozo and involves the participation of Local Councils, Civil Society and the population of the island.

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