Centro Euromediterraneo per lo sviluppo sostenibile Onlus


SVI.MED. is located in Ragusa, Sicily, and was born for supporting the processes of sustainable development of the territory, in order to implement processes within the European Mediterranean space. SVI.MED. invests energies and resources with the purpose to sustain, by concrete actions, the European policies of cohesion and the effectiveness of the Göteborg Sustainable Development Strategy, through the research, the promotion, the exploitation and the safeguard of the resources and the environmental and cultural heritage, in a vision of sustainable and harmonic development of territories.

Years of activity have brought SVI.MED. to creating national and international networks, elaborating and sharing strategies and models of development.

The main field of intervention of SVI.MED. is the European Union and thus, the Euro-planning: identification and analysis of problems, proposition of possible and sustainable solutions, individuation and coordination of international partnerships, with integrated capacities and competences.

The main objectives are:

  1. To sustain the social and territorial cohesion
  2. To contribute to the protection of the environmental resources and cultural heritage
  3. To integrate competitiveness and protection of the environment
  4. To strengthen the international cooperation
  5. To open virtuous and sustainable debates on development.

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