Project Management

(Responsible: Lazio Region)

The Project Management component (WP 1) concerns the technical, administrative and financial coordination of the project activities in order to allow the Beneficiary to fulfill entirely its obligations to the JMA as set out in the Grant Contract and its annexes. The Lazio Region, as project beneficiary, is responsible of this WP 1 (art. 6 of the Partnership Agreement).

In order to grant a sound management two agile structures have been created:

  1. The Management Board
  2. The Steering Committee

These are thought to discuss and approve administrative, financial and technical project-related decisions and orient the action during its implementation. The MB and SC will be organized and held during the Project Management Meeting (PMM). Along with the PMM, four Technical Meetings (one in each country) will be organized in proximity of technical decisions the partners have to take during the project implementation to collect technical information in the host country by the visiting partners in order for these to provide advice to the experts in charge with undertaking local activities. The implementation of technical activities to be supervised by local experts will be shared among partners during the TMs on the basis of an exchange of best practices.

The WP 1 also implies the constant monitoring of the project activities and their evaluation jointly with the JMA and the JTS. To monitor and evaluate the project, the beneficiary will be responsible for preparing the Interim and Final Reports concerning the technical and financial implementation of the Project, in compliance with Article 2 of the General Conditions of the Grant Contract, jointly with the contribution of each single project partner. The reports will be submitted to the JMA in order to obtain the second and final pre-financing of the ENPI CBC Med funding.

In order to reach the projects objectives, the guidance references for the beneficiary and partners are the Grant Application Form, the Logical Framework and the project budget. To facilitate the implementation of the activities envisaged the beneficiary and the partners agreed to use useful project management tools such as the Gantt and the critical path method (Pert), normally adopted to manage complex integrated projects.