Final Conference

SWMED Final Conference : Sustainable water use in Mediterranean Regions

Tunisia: February 19 – 21 , 2015

The SWMED project aims on the optimization the per capita water consumption at household and urban level through the implementation of water saving devices, reuse of treated wastewater, rainwater harvesting, a pool of technologies known as Sustainable Water Management (SWM). The SWMED final conference will present the results obtained during this project progress. This Conference will provide also keynotes, oral sessions and poster presentations for researchers and practitioners on recent developments in the water saving, water treatment reuse and recycling in urban, rural, agricultural and industrial sectors. Technical visit will be organized on the last day of the conference.



  • Water saving culture in the Mediterranean regions
  • New solutions for SWM in MED settlements (urban, peri-urban and rural )
  •  New approaches and tools for the SWM
  • Water treatment and direct recycling in urban, rural, agricultural and industrial sectors
  • Water governance, water policy and water integrity
  • Examples of successful researches and projects


Abstract submission should be addressed before 10 January, 2015 to : Conference Email: [email protected]
Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]


  • Abdel Rahman Tamimi (Palestine)
  • Ahmed Ghrabi (Tunisia)
  • Alessandro Drago (Italy)
  • Alessandro Scoppettuolo (Italy)
  • Attilio Toscano (Italy)
  • Ayman Rabi (Palestine)
  • Fabio Masi (Italy)
  • Giorgio Maggi (Italy)
  • Giovanni Iacono (Italy)
  • Giulia Lo Gatto (Italy)
  • Giulio Conte (Italy)
  • Hazem kittani (Palestine)
  • Joe Portelli (Malta)
  • Latifa Bousselmi (Tunisia)
  • Manuel Sapiano (Malta)
  • Mohamed Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
  • Subhi Samhan (Palestine)



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