The Project

The SWMED project (Sustainable domestic water use in Mediterranean Regions) was submitted with the first call of the ENPI CBCMED (2007 – 2013) –Priority 2, Promotion of environmental common heritage sustainability at the basin level; Objective 2.1, Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage.

The aim of SWMED is to promote, in each of the participating countries, polices aimed at satisfying water and sanitation needs of the population whilst reducing water abstraction and improving the quality of water bodies receiving wastewater.

In the whole Mediterranean area there is the need of new solutions able to provide water and sanitation services reducing water use and wastewater discharge: such solutions are dramatically urgent in southern Mediterranean countries, where water shortage may strongly influence human health but are also needed in Northern Mediterranean countries to reduce the environmental impact of water abstraction on aquatic ecosystems.  A reduction of water abstraction can be achieved without loss of life-quality by the optimisation of the per capita water need achievable through water saving devices, reuse of treated wastewater, rainwater harvesting, storage and use: the pool of solutions and technologies that allow a more efficient use of water and wastewater known as the “Sustainable Water Management (SWM) approach”.

Contract Number: BI/2.1/548

Total Budget: €1.788.365

Duration: 36 months


The ENPI CBCMED Programme is a transnational programme of European territorial cooperation.

It is financed by the European Union as an instrument of its regional policy and of its new programming period

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