1st Technical Meeting – Gozo (Malta)

The 1st Technical Meeting was held in Victoria (Gozo – Malta) between Monday 1st June and Thursday 14th June 2012.

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The 1st Technical Meeting of the SWMED Project was organised in Gozo (Malta) between Monday, 11th June and Thursday 14th June 2012.  The meeting was held at the Ministry for Gozo, Victoria (Gozo).  The opening day of the meeting discussed the progress of the project with particular reference to the activities related to the Gozo Pilot Project.

The meeting participants were presented with a wide overview of water demand initiatives being undertaken in the Maltese islands during the second day of the meeting.  In the afternoon the meeting was held at the Kercem local council offices where the participants had the opportunity to discuss water management issues with representatives of local authorities.

The third day of the meeting discussed the pilot water demand management projects to be implemented in Gozo.  The water production, distribution and monitoring set up in the island was presented by representatives from the Water Services Corporation.  Officials from the Malta Resources Authority and the Ministry for Gozo then presented the pilot project briefs and project impact monitoring tools.  The proceedings for the day were closed with site-visits to public water production, distribution and metering facilities in Gozo.

The final day of the technical meeting provided the opportunity for the meeting participants to discuss and analyse the proposals for the pilot projects in Gozo, in order to provide view-points and advise to the Ministry for Gozo in view of the implementation of these pilot projects.  The final sessions of the meetings were reserved for discussions related to the management/administrative aspects of the project.




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