Lazio – Water Table I

1° Tavolo regionale dell’acqua del progetto europeo SWMED (ENPI CBC MED
Programme), Gestione sostenibile dell’acqua per uso domestico nelle regioni
del Mediterraneo – 18th March 2013

Agenda ParcoNazzano Lazio

The first regional water table in Lazio has been organized by the Environment Direction of the Lazio Region within the European project SWMED (ENPI CBC MED Programme) the 18th March 2013 in the premises of the Natural reserve “Nazzano –Tevere Farfa”.

Over 40 people participated to the meeting and about 25 of these were stakeholders’ representatives from national and regional bodies working in the water research sector and in the water cycle management, from local authorities, environmental groups and committees and associations of consumer protection.

Participants were told that the water tables represent an innovative tool to discuss public policies and technical solutions for sustainable water management and to develop strategies and systems to satisfy the water needs of the population and to protect the environment through water savings and cost reductions.

The debate developed for the entire morning and early afternoon and saw the important speeches of the Director of the Environment Directorate, Eng. Giuseppe Tanzi and the manager of the water resources and integrated water system, Arch. Giorgio Maggi. These have introduced the regional programming in the water sector and the main technical interventions made ​​for the integrated water management.

The table followed up with interventions by stakeholders who have touched on several aspects such as technical, political and management, not to mention the important issue of the participation of stakeholders in the decision-making process in the field of programming. The local authorities representatives have exposed the situation of the water resources management in their territory and took part in a debate to solve the water-related problems.

The issues raised by the stakeholders and by the debate  that followed  among participants ,  have been collected and lately analyzed by social researchers from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in order to channel the problems set into solutions for a future sustainable policy in the field of water management.

Representatives of the municipalities, the Province of Rome, the managing bodies of water resources, universities and research organizations, environmental groups, committees and associations of consumer protection were invited to participate.

The one held in Nazzano has been the first of 3 water tables that will be organized by the end of 2013, whose goal is to present and discuss the main problems in the management of the water resources in Lazio Region, defining the guidelines of possible solutions which might suit at their best, the needs of territories involved with the participants and to prepare a strategic proposal, policy-oriented and environmentally friendly, shared with all stakeholders.


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