Project Kick-off Meeting – Rome

The Kick-off Meeting of SWMED project has been held in Rome in the premises of the Parco dell’Appia Antica on the 3rd and 4th November 2011 starting at 10.00. As foreseen  in the Meeting Agenda the Lazio Regional Minister for environment and sustainable development, On. Marco Mattei, has welcomed all the partners and introduced the relevant environmental, socio-economic and political aspects of SWMED project for Lazio region. In describing the strengths and weaknesses of water management in Lazio (the presence of arsenics in some regional water courses), Mr. Mattei  expressed his hopes for the project to produce a policy paper capable to be integrated in future regional water planning and programs.

The meeting was also participated by Mrs. S. Fracchia and Mr. Severino Ostorero from the JTS of the ENPI CBC Med Programme who welcomed all the project partners on behalf of the JMA and summarized the successful elements for the project start-up:  focusing on objectives and results, knowing the rules and a smooth communication flow. The technical commitment of Lazio region in the project was introduced by the Director of the Environmental Directorate, Eng. Giuseppe Tanzi and by the Head of the Water resources Unit, arch. Giorgio Maggi.

The Agenda of the day continued with the presentations by the Lazio region management staff of SWMED project composed by the project manager coordinator, Mr. Alessandro Drago, the financial manager, Mr. Giulio Ciotola and the communication expert, Mrs. Maria Enrica Scrivano. The second working day was dedicated to the technical presentation of the project made by Mr. Giulio Conte from Iridra Srl and by the presentation made by the Lazio Region officer, Mrs. Marina Scazzocchio, on the capitalization of EU funded projects in Lazio. 


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